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Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary

Address: Üllői út 224, H-1085 Budapest


The official homepage of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary

is avaiable at and

Editorial office:

Phone: +3620-824-79-99. (Business times: Monday - Friday 8:00-16:00 CET)

Responsible for the content: Dr. Tamás Fabiny (bishop of the Norhtern Diocese of the ELCH; bishop responsible for media work)


Lutheran Information Service


Editorial office of ""



Zsuzsanna Horváth-Bolla, journalist, theologian (MA), communications specialist.

Phone: +3620-824-79-99



Ádám Galambos, journalist

András Timótheus Győri, cameraman, editor, sound engineer, editor of video column.


Diószegi Rita, proofreader

The technical background, based on open source software solutions, is provided by the Evangelical Internet Working Group.

Manager: Gábor Bogdányi


Our searchable directory can be found at: www.evangelikus/rolunk/nevtar (postal addresses and phone numbers of congregations, offices, institutions, pastors)

It is prohibited to use the information on this website for commercial purposes. Information in the directory may not be published on other pages or repositories!


Our editorial board reserves the right to grant or deny consent for transmission of articles, pictures, videos, etc. published on our website. 

When using content (news, interviews, reports, any other texts, publications, theological works, sermons or meditations) created by us, please refer to or as the source. In case of texts, photos or video links include the author's name, as well. 

Our public photo gallery is available at Our archive gallery is here: The videos of are stored on These can be shared only if the original source, link and the author’s name is referred to.
Articles in our columns always include the sources and authors of the material published.
In our press review column, we regularly share news and information originally published in media sources of other denominations, secular media and blogs with Christian background. Such material is available in its full content on the original page of the source; it is not part of the content of and does not reflect the official opinion of our church.
In the blogs section, we look at Christian, primarily Evangelical Lutheran, blogs. However, these are not part of the content of and the headlines always link to the original source.

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